Q2 2020 UPDATE - Until further notice, our quarterly pub nights are cancelled. Stay safe and be well!


The largest online community of Toronto's Product Managers. We connect product professionals to meet, chat, and learn from one another.

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Annual Industry Reports

Product People has become the largest online community of product professionals in Toronto. With such a strong community, the Product People Report aims to reveal insights specific to our market - including salary data, the nature of our work, and industry trends.

We hope this resource will empower you to have stronger, more informed conversations with your peers, colleagues, and potential employers!

2020 Report

The first annual Product People Report is now here:

Surveying ran from Jan 17th-31st and the report was published on Feb 24th.

Quarterly Pub Nights

Product People Pub Nights are the events we host to help everyone put faces to names, and continue to strengthen the product community in town.

This event is typically a casual, lightweight pub night at a local venue.
No speakers, no sponsors - and you pick up your own bar tab.

Q4 '19

Q1 '20

The focus is meeting fellow PMs and sharing great conversations.
Attendance is usually capped at these events, so stay tuned for announcements!

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during COVID-19. Our quarterly pub nights are on hold until further notice.


#meet-a-pm is a channel available to ProductPeople.org members that randomly groups members on a 4-week cadence.

It’s a handy way to network and start meeting other Product Management professionals in town, learn about the work they do, and share your experiences.


Our screening criteria is simple and has never changed.
Invitations will only be sent to those who are:

1. Currently working in a product management role
2. Located in-and-around the Toronto region

This helps keep the community focused and distraction-free, where local Product People know that they're connecting with other local Product People.
Sales reps, job seekers, recruiters, or otherwise self-promotional members are not permitted.

Your PM Community

ProductPeople.org is the largest online community of Toronto’s Product Management professionals. We're online-first, and centred around a Slack group. Read more about us.

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Community Guidelines

1. It starts with you!

Product People started as a grassroots movement for product managers to connect and get to know each other. The key ingredient that makes it special has never changed: engaged members! So ask questions, share resources, and post your thoughts. Chances are, you'll be helping out a fellow product person.

2. Be respectful, kind, and patient

This goes without saying - toxic behaviour will not be tolerated in this community. Debates and discussions are how we keep our community vibrant, but this should never cross the line to personal attacks. Ultimately we're all product professionals and we're all here to better ourselves, so let your Canadian-ness show!

3. Self-promotion has its limits

Look, we all know the value of having so many PM's eyeballs gathered in one spot... but product people aren't here to be sold to, or advertised to. If you're throwing an event or sharing a valuable resource - that's great! If you're promoting your own blog, product, or initiative that directly benefits your personal agenda - that's a different story. There's no silver bullet to moderating this, but if you must self-promote: do it with class, do it for the community, and ensure you're benefiting your peers.

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ProductPeople.org is the largest online community of Toronto’s Product Management professionals. We're online-first and centred around a Slack group - but we've also started producing quarterly pub nights and annual industry reports.

This invitation-only group is focused on those who hold product roles in Toronto (no sales people, recruiters, or job seekers) and now connects over 700+ verified members to chat, share advice, and learn from one another.

It started in the summer of 2018 as a way to connect Toronto’s fragmented product community - and has since helped people find new jobs, learn from mentors, and meet new friends.